“Badminton challenge 2050”

Thursday May 14, at 16:00 
(Rīga, EEST GMT +03:00)

We invite you to participate in online discussion “Badminton challenge 2050

The focus of our discussion will be not only on infrastructure issues, but more on what the quality of players and coaches will be. What do we have to start preparing for?

The discussion will also be attended by Martijn van Dooremalen, already known to us, who will analyse how badminton has changed over the past 30 years. What were the current qualities 30 years ago, what are they now?

A view of the overhead will allow us to better discuss what will change in the future. How will the badminton game change? How will the badminton player change?

The online seminar will take place on the online platform Zoom. 

The online discussion “Badminton challenge 2050” will take place no Thursday May 14, at 16:00 (Rīga, GMT +03:00).The duration of the online free webinar will be 1,5 hours.

If you want to share your experience un and opinions at this webinar, please use this podium! Coordinate it with: Kristians@Rozenvalds.lv

We invite badminton players, coaches, managers, umpires and referees to participate in the discussion.

To apply for a online webinar, email to apply@fitminton.com (your name, country and title of webinar).  You will receive a reply email with an electronic invitation (with user name and password). 
Application deadline is May 14, one hour before the beginning of the webinar.

We have a 100-member limit. The benefits are for the participants who sent the application first. 
The online free webinar will take place on the online platform Zoom. Please free download the Zoom application until the beginning of the online webinar. 

Here you can watch the full video of the previous webinars: https://fitminton.com/livestream/
And offer your subject! Offer your lecturer! Write e-mail seminars@fitminton.com!


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