Successful badminton umpire career

Sven Serré (Belgium)
 BWF Certificated Umpire,

Director Badminton Europe,
Chair Technical Officials of Badminton Europe Confederation

April 29, 18:30 (Riga, EEST GMT +03:00).

The Latvian Badminton Federation and Badminton Europe invite you to participate invite you to participate in the online free webinar “Successful badminton umpire career – Badminton Europe umpires organisation & Terms of Reference for European umpires”.

The online free webinar will be organised by Sven Serré (Belgium), BWF Certificated Umpire, Director Badminton Europe, Chair Technical Officials of Badminton Europe Confederation.

The online seminar will take place on the online platform Zoom

The online seminar will take place on Wednesday April 29 from 18:30 to 20:00 (Riga, EEST GMT +03:00).

Badminton umpires, including international and national, experienced and newly launched, from Europe and the whole world, have been invited to the webinar. 

The duration of the webinar will be 1,5 hours. 
First there will be a 30-minutes presentation about the umpires organisation in Europe, followed by an explanation and a discussion about the umpire’s terms of reference.

To apply for a online seminar, email to with your name and workshop name. Application deadline: April 29, close at 17:30 (Riga EEST GMT +03:00). You will receive a reply email with an electronic invitation (with user name and password). 

We have a 100-member limit. The benefits are for the participants who sent the application first. 

To make better use of the benefits of Zoom, please download the Zoom application until the beginning of the online webinar. 

In this Covid-19 time, we plan to hold a lot of other online webinars for umpires, coaches, managers. Here’s a list of free webinars and discussions:

And offer your subject! Offer your lecturer! Write e-mail!


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