The world was introduced with Fit’Minton by the French badminton federation.

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Fit’Minton is a new approach to discover badminton in a different way which is aimed at all audiences (women, men and children). Fit’Minton a way to attract beginners to badminton, and it’s a way to practice for experienced players as well. It can also be used as a more playful warm-up adapted to the level of the practitioners, or will make it possible to build muscle on demand certain parts of the body particularly stressed by the practice of badminton.

By combining the dynamism of fitness and the technical directions of badminton, Fit’Minton combines physical and playful dimensions.
It is therefore an opportunity to have fun in a group while developing motor skills.

During an hour structured around a cardio-muscular reinforcement then a phase comprising racket and shuttlecock, the Fit’Minton requires little equipment and therefore requires little specific infrastructure. It can even be done outdoors in fine weather!